About Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are usually considered anything trading below $5.00, usually outside of the major market exchanges. They will often trade over the counter through the OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets. Many of the companies are not listed on the TSX or NYSE because they are too small or new and do not meet some requirements for listing. These types of stocks are generally considered to be highly speculative and high risk. And you could lose all your money investing in penny stocks. 

Even with the potential risks, many believe that penny stocks offer the greatest potential return because of their volatility. Of course, there’s also the potential for a penny stock to lose all of its profits just as easily.

Knowing when to get in early enough and which penny stocks to choose from can be the challenging part.

Let Penny Pick Finders do the legwork for you.

Before signing up, we’d encourage you to read our Legal Disclaimer page for more information regarding the risks involved.

Always take the time to do sound research on all stocks you are considering investing in.

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